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Develop your Innovative Entrepreneurial Leadership Skills Efficiently

Create your own innovative life path. Build & launch something of value this week.


Create your facilitation, entrepreneurship, innovation, & leadership results through step-by-step video workshop activities. I let you look over my shoulder at my examples so you can develop your own project to launch for your specific opportunity or challenge.

Create your Path

Create Your Path: Reflecting & Strategizing for Professional Growth is a series of video workshops designed to help you create your own path to a successful life and career, integrating the academic, professional, and personal together.

Special Offer this Week: Get the latest individual version of the Create your Path digital program for yourself for only $95! We will send you the webpage to access the videos and materials within about 24 hours after you buy.

Entrepreneur Innovation Step-by-Step

Build and launch a portfolio of new products and services that can generate revenue. Learn free and effective web tools to innovate like an entrepreneur. Take your new or growing business to a more digital place.

Special Offer this Week: Get the new Innovation Step-by-Step for Entrepreneurs Video Tutorial Program and eBook for only $97. Within 24 hours, we will email you a link to a page we create for you as well as a pdf of the eBook for individual access.

Group Facilitation

Design more engaging workshops, meetings, and sessions. Facilitate better discussions. Even build programs that you could get paid to facilitate! 

Special Offer this Week: Buy the individual version of the Group Facilitation program for yourself for only $87. We will email you a link for the page to access the 4 videos and materials within about 24 hours. 

Program Innovation

Innovation & Idea Development ProgramIn Program Innovation you can systematically tackling an organizational challenge. Identify areas for innovation, learn the process and system, and innovate within your group. Through the duration of the program, I will show you a real project I’m working on (helping an institution learn and do innovation), results for each activity every step of the way, and the ideas I’m developing that you can use too.

Special Offer this Week: Buy the individual version of the program for yourself for only $97. We will email you a link for the page to access the 10 videos and materials within about 24 hours.

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Your Consultant – Dr. Darin Eich

Darin Eich is the author of Innovation Step-by-Step and Root Down & Branch Out: Best Practices for Leadership Development Programs.  Darin earned his Ph.D. in Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis from the University of Wisconsin. Darin is the president and co-founder of and BrainReactions, an innovation consulting company founded by UW students, where he led idea development and innovation projects for organizations like P&G, the United Nations, and the U.S. Council on Competitiveness.

Darin has also been a graduate student and developer of programs at the University of Maryland & William and Mary. Darin’s passion involves helping people to become themselves, find and live their strengths, and become more creative, innovative and successful leaders. Professionally, Darin does projects ranging from hundreds of college speeches to helping institutions develop leadership programs & retreats to facilitating professional brainstorm innovation sessions for the most innovative Fortune 500 companies. Darin is a leadership program consultant to Dartmouth College, the University of Wisconsin, and USA TODAY.

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