High-Impact Practices for College Athlete Leadership Development
New Ideas & Training for Athletics Leadership & Life Skills Programs

Your facilitator, Dr. Darin Eich has developed and facilitated programs at universities like these...

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Do you want to dive deeper into college athlete leadership development & life skills programs? Watch our online video training program and use our toolkit of resources to build and facilitate better student athlete development programs. Email [email protected] for info or an invoice. You can also purchase online now and we will build a page for you with the program on it and email you access information.

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Design a better leadership development program for your student athletes. 100% money back guarantee on our training that will help you build a better program.

What you will receive in this online training for University athletics professionals

  • Purchase this online video training program now and receive our bonus toolkit of resources. Do it today at no risk with a 100% money back guarantee!

    Athletic departments are adding more value to their student athletes through life skills programs, team retreats, leadership conferences, mentoring, and other new leadership development initiatives. With our innovative practices, we can help you elevate your programs to a higher level more effectively.

    Save time by building a more innovative and effective program for you and your athletes! Whether you are creating your own unique programs or facilitating something modeled after an NCAA Life Skills program, this online workshop can help you to up your impact in the key focus areas:

    • Academic Excellence
    • Athletic Excellence
    • Personal Development
    • Career Development
    • Community Service

    Individual or Group Options

  • Get this online leadership development webinar, recording, and toolkit either for your entire athletic department or for just yourself.

    Purchase now and we will build a webpage for you to access the program. Receive the 1 hour 15 minutes of video training and toolkit which includes:

    Life Skills and Leadership Program Resource Toolkit:

    1. Leadership Program Best Practices Assessment Worksheet

    2. College Athlete Leadership Development Survey Results

    3. University Athletics Student Leadership Programs to Learn from

    4. Short assessment survey example

    5. Program Assessment Qualitative Interview Questions

    6. What Doesn’t Work in Student Leadership Education and What to do about it Article

    7. Flipping The Leadership Program Article

    8. Leadership Books For College Students List

About Darin

Darin Eich is the author of Innovation Step-by-Step and Root Down & Branch Out: Best Practices for Leadership Development Programs.  Darin earned his Ph.D. in Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis from the University of Wisconsin. Darin is the president and co-founder of InnovationLearning.org and BrainReactions, an innovation consulting company founded by UW students, where he led idea development and innovation projects for organizations like P&G, the United Nations, and the U.S. Council on Competitiveness.

Darin has also been a graduate student and developer of programs at the University of Maryland & William and Mary. Darin’s passion involves helping people to become themselves, find and live their strengths, and become more creative, innovative and successful leaders. Professionally, Darin does projects ranging from hundreds of college speeches to helping institutions develop leadership programs & retreats to facilitating professional brainstorm innovation sessions for the most innovative Fortune 500 companies. Darin is a leadership program consultant to Dartmouth College, the University of Wisconsin, and USA TODAY.

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