• Develop Program Ideas in this Online Training Camp!

  • Toolkit and Program specifically for Athletics Staff

Design, Facilitate, Innovate, & Assess your Programs at a Higher Level to Up your Impact

Elevate the Leadership Development of your Student Athletes
Program Development Training for Athletic Departments
Best Practices and Ideas for your Life Skills & Leadership Programs

Root Down in what works: Improve your High-Impact Leadership & Life Skills Program

+ Understand what it means to go "downstream" and "root down" to improve your leadership development efforts by doing it.

+ Learn what doesn't work well for leadership education so you can replace with ideas and actions that can.

+ See examples of the innovative blended programs launching at Dartmouth, Wisconsin, and other institutions.

+ Be guided through, assess, and root down into the best practices for leadership development programs.

+ Gain a toolkit of assessment and program resources to use at your institution and validate your program with stakeholders.

+ Learn tips from the book and model used at hundreds of campuses - Root Down & Branch Out: Best Practices for Leadership Development Programs - and customize ideas for your athletes.

Do you want to design new programs that have a greater impact on student athlete learning and leadership development? Do you want to facilitate an existing program better and more creatively...like an NCAA Life Skills Program? Do you want to cultivate leadership skills in your athletes that they can use in their sport and in life now? Do you want to systematically improve the way you educate, mentor, and develop in a more high impact way? Register for a live webinar on Best Practices for Leadership Development Programs led by Darin Eich, Ph.D. Darin is author of Root Down & Branch Out: Best Practices For Leadership Development Programs, which brings key findings to practice from research conducted to determine the most important characteristics of high-impact leadership development programs. What contributes most to student learning and leadership development, and how can you design your program, department, or educational experience better? Here is what we've got planned for the event, but do email me if you have ideas or things you would like to learn. Email [email protected] to register your institution.

  • Do this professional development program with your staff

  • Ask questions to get ideas & best practices you need

Cost for this online leadership education bootcamp is only $297 for your whole athletic department. Gather your colleagues together in a conference room to do the program live, assess as you go, and then continue the conversation and activities after the webinar training camp is done. In institutions now, many individuals are interested in leadership development. Athletic departments are ripe with professionals adding more value to their student athletes through life skills programs, team retreats, leadership conferences, mentoring, and other new leadership development initiatives.

Fill out the form or contact us for information on the next live webinar. Can't make the specific live time of the webinar? Suggest a second offering time or you will have access to a recorded program, you can just do that as a team if you like. Have questions or want to register your campus to get access information? Email Darin at [email protected].

What kind of general content will be in the webinar? See my article on "what doesn't work in student leadership education and what you can do about it."