Hi! I’m Darin, a UW-La Crosse and UW-Madison alum! Welcome to the first module of Program Innovation for the UW System! Below, you will find the first online 15 minute workshop that gets you started step-by-step with the innovation system so you can develop and launch your own ideas to make an impact within your work. Watch and do the activities to learn more about getting started with your own UW innovation project within your department and position. Make this a mini blended program by sharing your completed activities and discussing at your next staff meeting. You can even find a colleague or two to watch the video and do the activities with.

Module 1 of 10: The Innovation Process
Innovation isn’t creativity…or just coming up with novel ideas. Innovation is taking those new and creative ideas and successfully implementing them for a positive effect. This first workshop video will help you understand the innovation process so that you can work on a challenge important to you and your organization. You will focus on your “innovation for what” and be prepared to systematically develop new ideas that can have a positive impact when you launch them. You will begin by visualizing a positive image of the future so you can respond to change with innovation.

Download Module 1 Activity Sheet PDFs.

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Complete Program Innovation Workshops

Workshop 1: The Innovation Process
Workshop 2: Innovation Skills
Workshop 3: Your Innovation Challenge
Workshop 4: Innovation Questions for Idea Capture
Workshop 5: Structured Ideation
Workshop 6: Innovative Idea Generation
Workshop 7: Idea Analysis & Synthesis
Workshop 8: Concept Development
Workshop 9: Test and Select
Workshop 10: Communicate and Advance


Darin Eich is the author of “Root Down & Branch Out: Best Practices For Leadership Development Programs.” Download a sample .pdf of the book here.

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